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Healthy Weight-Loss vs. Unhealthy Weight-Loss

fruits and berriesAre you losing unhealthy fat or healthy fat and muscle? And would you know which just by looking at yourself in the mirror or standing on the scale? If no one around you knows, weight-loss books never tell you the difference or how to know the difference and especially if your doctor doesn’t tell you the difference between losing unhealthy fat or healthy fat and muscle, then the odds of you knowing this on your own is slim to no chance. No wonder even with all the diet pills, diets, hard exercises and surgeries, the obesity rate here continues and is still worsening every year.

Unhealthy Weight-Loss

When you see someone who lost a lot of weight, but now their skin elasticity is almost gone, which is why their skin hangs or droops dramatically or seems to bunch up, this is all a symptom of losing weight the unhealthy way. Why? Because when you starve your muscles, you lose muscle and so of course you stand on the scale and are so proud of yourself for losing so much weight, but muscle is heavier than fat, so of course it’s easy to lose weight fast when you are losing muscle. And even if you were finally able to reach your weight goal, you’ll probably rebound anyway, because it’s only natural for your body to want to put back the muscle it lost. People call this “rebound”, because the weight comes back on, but this doesn’t necessarily mean fat is coming back, it means your body is recovering from the loss of muscle, which is a healthy function of your body you wouldn’t want to dismiss as simple “rebound”. Unfortunately, this is how most people view regaining weight, as rebound. I call it “your body replacing the muscle it lost”.

What causes unhealthy weight-loss? Eating, drinking or swallowing anything that starves your muscles and healthy fat, which is what diet pills and drugs do constantly. And then there are all the prepared diet meals and diet snacks out there anyone can buy that guarantees low fat and low calories, which I like to call “no nutrition food” or “dead food”. I mean, does it really matter how few calories there are if the food has little to no nutrition because it’s dead food anyway? It certainly wouldn’t matter to me or anyone else who knows this to be true. All of which further starves your muscles and healthy fat reserves.  Can you imagine doing hard exercise while your muscles are starved for real, healthy calories? You better believe you will lose even more muscle. And as far as calories are concerned, we need calories to survive and even more calories if you want to thrive and improve your health, because there are two types of calories, unhealthy calories that starve you and healthy calories that nourish you – this of course could be another topic.

Unhealthy calories have little to no nutritional value, which absolutely causes malnutrition and eventually severe malnutrition over time; healthy calories are full of powerful energy from the dense nutrition in each calorie. Again, it is vital you know the difference, because it’s the difference between unhealthy weight-loss where you rebound and lose your skin elasticity and healthy weight-loss where you lose only unhealthy fat, which means you keep all your muscle all your healthy fat and your skin firms and tightens as you lose weight, the way your body is supposed to lose weight.

Healthy Weight-Loss

When I show someone how to lose unhealthy fat only, it requires an understanding of how fat works, first. You see, each tiny fat cell in your body is a powerfully advanced sponge that accumulates anything and everything you have ever eaten, drank, swallowed or injected throughout your whole life that was ever processed, refined or cooked in anyway, especially any flour products, cooked dairy, pesticide fruits and vegetables, pills or anything else unhealthy. You see, this stuff you consume daily doesn’t just all leave your body after you go to the bathroom, much of it remains inside you. So, where does all this toxic accumulation store? You guessed it…your cells! And your fat cells are absolutely no different. The only way to lose only unhealthy fat and therefore lose weight healthfully, is you must clean out every fat cell in your body, which isn’t hard to do when you know exactly what to eat and drink every day that will specifically clean out every fat cell in your body. Sure, you don’t lose weight as fast as you would starving your muscles and healthy fat or surgery, but at least the weight you lose will only be unhealthy fat, which means every pound you lose is permanent weight-loss, because it’s healthy weight-loss. I have seen many lose 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, even 100 pounds or more of only unhealthy fat and other toxic waste that has accumulated throughout their body. Basically what’s happening to your body as you finally start cleaning out your fat cells is your swollen fat cells begin to shrink, so you could stand on the scale and see you lost only 15 pounds but your waist looks 4 inches smaller.

Rest assured, when you lose weight the healthy way, you never need to worry about rebound, loose skin and especially you don’t have to worry about starving your muscles and healthy fat. You can safely and consistently lose unhealthy weight every day for as long as you want. If everyone here lost weight the healthy way, then and only then will we finally beat obesity!

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