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Understanding Your Body’s Weaknesses: 5 Causes of Back Pain

The world is about to experience a second wave of COVID-19, prompting people to revert to old safety protocols to prevent higher contraction rates. Thankfully, it’s much easier to face a threat the second time around now that we have the experience of learning from our mistakes. However, this can also lead to a prolonged period of staying indoors, which can cause other forms of illnesses.

The simple and subtle causes of back pain

Understandably, many people correlate body pain due to overuse or injuries. However, people can develop physical pain due to lifestyle habits as well. For example, back pain can come from the most mundane actions leading to temporary or chronic pain over time.

If you’re currently experiencing back pain for no obvious reason, these five causes below may be the answer to your mysterious condition:

1. Using your phone

When taking a phone call next to your ear, your shoulders’ positioning promotes strain on your neck and back. Additionally, bending your neck down from texting causes a similar form of tension. A simple solution would be to cut down on your phone use or to purchase earphones to keep your hands free when taking calls.

2. Uncomfortable office chairs

Other than creating a professional aesthetic, office chairs need to provide ample comfort for their users for long periods. Staying idle in an uncomfortable position can damage your spine gradually, if not immediately after long hours at work. This problem can be a more impactful issue for people who don’t have viable work-from-home setups in their living spaces.

3. Uncomfortable mattresses

Besides sitting in the same position for hours, you can also harm your body even if you’re lying down. Having short sleeping hours can be due to old and uncomfortable mattresses. Your bedding options may not be capable of supporting your particular joints. 

Another potential mishap is that it may be sinking too much, promoting imbalance to your spine. Since sleeping preferences vary due to your personal comfort and skeletal structure, you need to shop for the right mattress that matches your sleeping position.

4. Unchecked smoking habit

The stress of quarantine regulations can make smokers give in to their vices much more than their regular habit. This can lead to weaker muscles, especially if you’re not getting any exercise. Smoking prevents your body from delivering enough amounts of oxygen throughout your body. This is why many smokers tend to experience forms of body pain due to living a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Prolonged idleness

An unfortunate after-effect of the pandemic is the lockdown restrictions preventing people from doing recreational activities. Besides preventing people from going to offices and restaurants, spas and fitness centers are functioning in a limited capacity due to the dangers of contracting COVID-19. Lack of exercise can lead to different consequences, such as weight gain and reduced flexibility. Taking the time to exercise, even without exercise machines, can do wonders for your body’s health. You can focus on yoga or core workouts to regain your body’s balance and reinforce your abs and back muscles.


Sometimes, the best solution to keeping yourself healthy is by maintaining healthier habits. Even the simple commitment to lessen time using your phone or to wake up earlier for yoga or jogging can make a world of difference to your health. These practices can keep your body in decent condition without going through extensive diet plans and workout regimens. You might even benefit from other means of strengthening your body, such as chiropractic services.

If you need a chiropractor in Montclair, NJ for your body pain, our trained professionals can help. At Davis Integrated Medicine, we can give you a customized treatment plan that caters to your individual needs and preferences. Book a free consultation by contacting us today at (973) 783-3606.

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