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How Physiotherapy Can Treat and Prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions that Americans experience. The fact sheet shared by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says that at least 80 percent of Americans may experience low back pain in their lifetime. Various conditions may trigger lower back pain. There are many ways to treat this, and one of these is physiotherapy. 

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy uses physical methods such as massages, exercises, and heat treatment to improve a patient’s condition. The therapy focuses on physical rehabilitation to treat injuries and other conditions. It is also a method to prevent injuries and maintain better health and fitness.

How Physiotherapy Can Help With Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy is often recommended as part of the patient’s journey to back pain rehabilitation. It is the treatment that focuses on the movements and functions of your muscles and joints. Certain physiotherapy procedures can help relieve pain in a patient and train their muscles and joints to return to normal mobility.

Physiotherapy is ideal for the following types of lower back pain:

  • Sciatic Pain: Back pain caused by a prolapsed disc
  • Degenerative disc disease: Back pain caused by aging
  • Spinal stenosis: Back pain due to pressure on the spinal cord
  • Non-specific lower back pain: Back pain with no identified condition or injury as a cause

What to Expect During Your Physiotherapy Session

To diagnose what type of lower back pain you are experiencing, you need to complete a thorough medical history discussion and physical exam. Here is what you should expect during your consultation with a physiotherapist:

Step 1. They will start by asking you questions about your health and lifestyle. They will review your medical history and ask you about any medications you take to understand all possible underlying conditions. 

Step 2. They will ask you to talk about the symptoms you experience, including what you think triggered these symptoms. Make your answers as detailed as possible. It will help them gauge the extent of the pain you experience. 

Step 3. Next, expect a physical examination. In this part, the physiotherapist will assess how your back is currently functioning. They may ask you to remove your outer clothes as they need to feel your spine, muscles, and back. 

Step 4. After the assessment, your physiotherapist will recommend treatment and educate you about the process. Take this opportunity to ask questions about things that concern you about the treatment. Your physiotherapist should also warn you about the treatment’s demands and possible risks. They should tell you what you need to prepare for a smoother process.

Types of Physiotherapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain

The treatment will be composed of various activities that will encourage you to keep moving. These should improve your flexibility, strength, and mobility. Here are some of the many activities you should expect from your sessions:

  • Stretching exercises: Your spine is the most critical part affected when you have lower back pain. The stretching activities’ goal is to improve its flexibility and relieve your back muscles from any strain. 
  • Strengthening exercises: Another goal of the process is for you to have stronger core muscles. Core strengthening is composed of several activities to develop your abdominal muscles. It is a process that aligns your spine correctly and also makes you less prone to back injuries. 


Physiotherapy is a natural and highly effective method to improve conditions like lower back pain. Physiotherapists have a wide range of treatments customized to every patient’s needs. Apart from the sessions, they offer advice on how you can better care for your back and body. If you have been experiencing severe back pain that is not getting better, consider undergoing physiotherapy. 

If you are looking for a trusted pain relief center in Montclair, NJ, we warmly welcome you to Davis Integrated Medicine. We have highly-trained staff that will give you the quality medical care you deserve. If you are a new patient, get your free consultation. Contact us to learn the best ways to heal from your lower back pain. 

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