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Dressing for Cracking: Best Attire for Your Chiro Session

After months of planning and scheduling potential appointment days, you’re finally on the verge of having a session with your local chiropractor to knead out all your aches and pains.

Whether it’s the little tinge every time you bend over to pick up something or a constant aching, the signal to visit a resident “crack doctor” can only be ignored for so long until you can no longer bear the pain. If you’re at that point where you need to get help soon, you’ve probably taken it upon yourself to schedule an appointment with a professional to get things sorted out. 

As you await your sweet release from persistent aches and pains that come with injuries and age, you can’t help but ask yourself this one question: “What should I wear during my chiropractic session?”

All you need to know about wearing the right outfit to a chiro’s office

If this is your first time seeking help from an expert chiro at Davis Integrated Medicine, then it’s safe to say that you’re probably worrying about what you need to wear.

Compared to other medical settings or fields that don’t really bear any worries with respect to attire, clothes matter, especially when dealing with a chiropractor because the experience itself involves lots of moving. Fortunately, you won’t have to miss out on anything that will help you come correct to your first appointment because we’ve outlined all the key details that you need to know:

“Do I have to undress?”

In the days leading up to your chiropractor appointment, you might find yourself wondering about whether or not you’ll have to undress at your appointment. Well, here’s the thing: you’re not going to a massage appointment.

Unlike a shiatsu house that requires you to take your clothes off during a massage treatment, chiro clinics don’t require any undressing because the experts can work with patients dressed in various types of clothing. However, it’s also worth noting that there are certain pieces that will allow a professional to best work with your joints and sections than others!

Sticking with a basic set

Typically, the golden rule when it comes to dressing for a chiro appointment is to keep it simple! 

For your first chiro appointment (and every session after), it would be best if you choose an outfit that’s simple—think casual Fridays with friends or visits to the supermarket. For many people, the ideal simple chiro-worthy outfit is a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a regular shirt, more or less. However, it’s worth noting that you should stick to the “loose-fitting” theme because anything constricting will limit your range of motion during the stretching and straightening! 

The best options for women

While men have it easier because the ideal chiro outfit is straightforward (and possibly even a staple in their wardrobes), women tend to have a more difficult time picking the right outfit.

Generally, the main rule is to avoid dresses and set jewelry and other accessories to the side. If you aren’t necessarily a jeans-and-shirt type of person, you can go for a sports bra-hoodie-leggings combination. This combo will be more comfortable for you and make it easier for your chiro to move your body in different positions! 


As exciting as a trip to the chiropractor for the first time may seem, you may eventually find yourself in a predicament where you don’t know what you’re supposed to wear to the appointment. With this guide’s help and the key points mentioned above, you can ensure that you’ll come correct with an ensemble that’s comfortable and easy to work with! 

Davis Integrated Medicine is a wellness center that provides top-quality chiropractic care. If you’re looking to have your body reset with the help of a skilled chiropractor in Montclair, NJ, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our resident experts at your earliest convenience!

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