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The Trapezius Muscle and Pain Management: What You Must Know

When dealing with neck and shoulder blade pain, it is most likely due to some discomfort in the trapezius muscle. It is a flat triangle-like musculoskeletal section that goes from the head’s back up to the neck. It is close to the skin and considered a complex muscle because it deals with various mobility functions. Because it is such a vital portion of the upper body, the pain is more excruciating. To address this aspect of pain management, consider this article as your guide. 

What Are the Main Causes of Pain in the Trapezius Muscles?

Trapezius muscle pain can be caused by either one or more issues, making it difficult to determine the root cause. Thus, it is recommended to see professional physiotherapists since this condition is their area of expertise. With their help, you can understand which of the following issues led to this pain and what you can do to address them: 


  • Stress: During bouts of mental stress, physical pain can manifest through your trapezius muscle. It tightens up too much, leading to excessive contraction, inflammation, and prolonged pain. At this point, both muscle discomfort and mental health issues have to be addressed to prevent severe pain. 



  • Bad posture: For more gradual trapezius muscle pain, bad posture habits could be the root cause, especially if you like sitting or standing improperly. It leads to spinal alignment issues and further musculoskeletal complications. Unless the posture is corrected and the bones are re-aligned, this pain can worsen, which affects the quality of life. 



  • Pulled muscles because of injury: For trapezius muscle pain, what you have to watch out for are whiplash-related injuries, which means occurrences when the upper body is forced forward or backward instantly. These accidents include car crashes, bumping into someone while running, and attempting to hang yourself.  



  • Repetitive motions during exercise or labor-intensive activities: Overusing your trapezius muscles would often mean putting strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. Examples include weightlifting, swimming, golfing, and lifting heavy office supplies. 



  • Pressure due to garments or backpacks: If you wear a constricting bra or a heavy backpack, it puts pressure on your trapezius muscles, leading to gradual pain unless addressed. 


What Are the Possible Treatments for Trapezius Muscle Pain? 

While it is good news that there are ways to alleviate trapezius muscle pain, note that some may be more effective than others, depending on your health and lifestyle. You may even have to resort to more than one treatment if you are experiencing chronic pain. Thus, it would be best to consult with a medical professional to discuss which of the following treatments is best: 

  • Ice and heat application in the affected area: If your trapezius muscle is inflamed, you can use a hot or cold compress to alleviate the soreness. However, use the proper one to avoid worsening the condition. Consult with a healthcare professional immediately. 


  • Over-the-counter pain medicines: You can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to address trapezius muscle pain, but it may not last as long since it is ideal for temporary use. Overdosing on these medicines is also not good for your health. Thus, heed your doctor’s advice. 



  • Therapeutic massage: You may need a targeted massage to focus on the neck and shoulder muscles, allowing the pain to disappear gradually. However, it will depend on further consultation. See a physiotherapist near you to guarantee the best possible course for your treatment. 



  • Taping: You may be familiar with taping if you have been around athletes since it is a popular method to relieve muscle pressure after a strenuous workout. The same process applies to trapezius muscle pain. 



Trapezius muscle soreness may not be something most patients know about, but it can complicate discomfort because it affects several bodily functions. The good news is you have a better understanding of what may be causing it and how it can be addressed properly. Just ensure you see medical professionals like us so that you can enjoy a pain-free life!

Davis Integrated Medicine can give you professional physiotherapy services in Montclair to address your trapezius muscle pain and other related medical concerns. Through various techniques, such as therapeutic massage and acupuncture, we can help alleviate discomfort and mitigate re-occurring pain. Book your appointment with us today! 

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