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The Positive Effects of Acupuncture for Your Body

Integrative medicine has always been a unique way of treating various pains. While it isn’t really a widespread practice, its effects cannot be overlooked due to the ever-growing testimonies and acceptance towards its efficiency. There are even several integrative procedures to choose from, all of which have something to offer to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

One such example of integrative medicine is acupuncture—the process of inserting several thin needles in the skin or tissues at certain spots to treat physical and mental conditions. Originating from China, this practice is considered to be one of the oldest ways to treat pain, cure disease, and improve overall health.

How Does Acupuncture Work?


The Chinese believe that our bodies have many acupuncture points—pressure points in our skin that are directly connected to our nervous system. Because of this, they can be stimulated to release chemicals into our muscles and organs to “activate” our body’s natural healing ability. This stimulation is done by inserting the thin needles in our skin for about an hour, after which two to three more sessions will follow until the results are felt.


What Are the Typical Pains and Conditions That Acupuncture Can Treat?


It may take some time, but the treatment of pain through acupuncture definitely does wonders. The following are just some of the common aches and ailments that they are often used in:


  1. For Headaches


If you feel a common offset of migraine, then this one’s for you! Acupuncture has been known to treat headaches for thousands of years, with the results being often associated with relaxation and delight. Whatever the cause of your pain, the procedure can deal with that in a session or two.


  1. For Digestion Problems


The procedure also contributes to the regulation of the digestive tract. Despite the fact that the needle insertion is only skin deep, the effects are much more innate, being able to help treat gastrointestinal difficulties. Of course, you must accompany the treatment with a balanced diet as well for it to work fully!


  1. For Body Pain


Acupuncture is also used to treat back pain, neck pain, and joint pains, all in all. While many of our daily activities may contribute to bad posture, causing all of these aches, the procedure would counteract these and the other forms of swelling that may occur with them. 


Of course, practice having a nice posture at work as well, especially if you are between sessions.


  1. For Stress


The procedure is also known to relieve stress, loosen tension within your body, and reduce the stress hormones that may contribute to it. This is a much better solution than other stress relievers, which utilize drugs and chemicals in the process!


  1. For a Weak Immune System


It is known to boost your immune system against harmful pathogens that may produce disease within your body. This is most applicable for those who always feel under the weather and weak during work!




Acupuncture is a procedure unlike any other. While the other types of integrative medicine are efficient in their own right, this one is the most accepted and widely known! Making its mark throughout the years due to the various testimonies of people who had recovered from pain and other forms of illnesses. If you feel stressed out, weak, or are in agony with your back pain, then you should try it out!


If you are looking for an acupuncture clinic in Montclair to help treat your body pain, look no further than Davis Integrated Medicine. We are an integrated clinic with years of experience in acupuncture, massage therapy, and corrective exercises, among others. Contact us for more information about our treatments and services.

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