Whether you’re injured or in pain, tired all of the time or can’t lose unhealthy weight, it takes over your life. It’s not only a source of constant worry, but it can often be debilitating, keeping you from living the lifestyle which you truly want to enjoy. At Davis Integrated Medicine, you will find a multi-specialty team providing you with a non-surgical approach to your pain or injury. We offer not only pain relief but work to correct the cause of the condition to help in the healing and rehabilitation of our patients.


Peter Kofitsas, MS, PT

Peter Kofitsas
is an International Health Coach, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Speaker, Author, and Food/Restaurant Consultant. Peter has even been called, “The Missing Link,” in corporate wellness. As an expert for the media, he has appeared on ABC, FOX, MSN, TLC, BlogTalkRadio and in Fitness magazine. Along with many other accomplishments in his life, Peter is also the author of 3 books; Shop, Cook, and Eat. Peter is the creator of “5 Minutes to Fitness+ Program & Online Club,” a revolutionary lifestyle program for achieving optimal health. Designed specifically to motivate and guide those wanting to lose weight and become healthier; Peter has been featured alongside his lifestyle program by television networks such as FOX and QVC. With a wide variety of clients including celebrities, Fortune 100 companies, individuals, restaurants, and non-profit organizations; Peter has helped countless people to lead healthier, happy lives.

Professional Background

  • Nutrition Degree, Magna Cum Laude, Montclair State University
  • Physical Therapy degree, Master of Science, New York Medical College
  • College Lecturer- nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, kinesiology
  • Creator- 5 Minutes to Fitness+, Fit Friends’ Revolution
  • Author; Shop, Cook, Eat, Core Energy Program, & Live Better Journal
  • Food/Restaurant Consultant- Hospitality Training, Sustainable Menu Design, Recipe Development


Bo Jung Choi, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac.

Bo Jung Choi
Bo is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New Jersey and New York, whom is nationally certified by the NCCAOM. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences at Binghamton University, Bo continued on to graduate with his Master’s Degree in Acupuncture at Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. Bo practices three distinctively unique styles of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) style, which focuses on finding and balancing the underlying root cause of an ailment, Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) style, which targets and relieves a specific muscle trigger point/s, and Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture (KM) style, which painlessly and precisely reduces stress on the body and regulates bodily functions. By utilizing these multifaceted styles of acupuncture and other holistic modalities, Bo aims to provide exceptional patient-specific treatments to effectively assist each patient reach their wellness goals. Committed to researching new medical studies, techniques, and other principles, Bo believes everyone can benefit from this holistic medical modality of acupuncture.


Tiffany A. Stewart, LMT

Tiffany A. Stewart
Tiffany is a native of Paterson, NJ. She attended Eastside High School, where her love for music became greater. Tiffany participated in Eastside High School marching band as well as teaching and mentoring the youth of her city with this great form of music. She also is in charge of the audio/visual and a percussionist at Truth Ministries International where she attends church. GOD has blessed Tiffany with many creative gifts and talents allowing her to use her hands in different artistic ways from music to art.

After high school, Tiffany attended Berdan Institute, which has been changed to Fortis Institute located in Wayne, NJ, where she studied massage therapy. Her father, Riland Stewart, was the one who introduced her to this art at a very young age, which also became her second passion and love. Health and wellness are very important to her when it comes to massage. Her focus is making sure that everyone that she touches will be healed. Tiffany learned different modalities, from Swedish massage to reflexology and graduated at the top of her class.

Massage therapy has been a blessing to her, it has given her the opportunity to take care of some celebrities from rapper Kendrick Lamar to Chef Anthony Bourdain just to name a few. Being true to this art and passionate about people’s well being drives Tiffany to want to learn and help people even more. Now she wants to further her education and study to become a Physical Therapist.


Dr. Jennifer Jeanty, DNP

Dr. Jennifer Jeanty
Dr. Jennifer Jeanty is an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, board-certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide patient-centered healthcare to individuals with different illnesses and conditions. Her academic background includes Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), which is a terminal professional degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Her scope of practice encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, treating and management of common and complex health care problems beginning with adolescent and continuing throughout the aging process. She began her career in healthcare back in 2000 by working as a Certified Nurse Assistant at Morristown Medical Center and Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute. Since then, she has accumulated sixteen years of nursing experience and education in various areas of patient care including neurology, orthopedic, ENT, cardiac, gastro, emergency department, and nurse practitioner.

Dr. Jeanty has extensive clinical experience and strives to deliver the best care possible. She believes in building a long-lasting and trusting relationship with all her patients. Dr. Jeanty seeks to acquire a comprehensive evaluation of every patient by taking time to actively listen and understand their particular needs, along with education to help them achieve their healthcare goals. She believes when patients take an active role, they are more willing to adhere to a plan of care, fostering better healthcare outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction. Dr. Jeanty utilizes a holistic approach, to promote wellness and positive healing experiences by emphasizing the benefits that healthy choices and maintaining an active lifestyle have with optimizing health. She has a strong interest in integrative medicine and enjoys working collaboratively with Davis Integrated Medicine’s healthcare providers to help her patients achieve desired health. In her free time, Dr. Jeanty enjoys being physically active, traveling and learning. But, what she enjoys most is spending time with family – especially her son.



Marilyn is our Office Manager/ Insurance, Billing Specialist, and Certified Chiropractic Assistant (Life Chiropractic College West). She is our senior member, who has been with us for over 21 years serving our patients’ needs. She is ready and willing to address any questions regarding your insurance coverage, billing and patient satisfaction. Marilyn has four children, and is learning how to knit in her spare time.



Paula is our Community Relations Director, she loves to spread the message about our holistic approach to health and wellness to the community. She has worked in event management and public relations at our clinic since 2017. She is happy to be part of the team of wellness professionals at Davis Integrated Medicine; where the entire staff truly cares about people’s health and well-being. At the office, Paula handles marketing, advertising, public relations, and events. Outside of the office, Paula enjoys writing, hiking, cooking, and volunteering at local soup kitchens.