Urgent Care Specialist

Davis Integrated Medicine

Alfred Davis Jr., DC

Wellness Center located in Montclair, NJ

Urgent Care

Our urgent care visits are sick visits that help manage acute illnesses or conditions. Urgent care visits at Davis Integrated Medicine are available for patients who do not have a primary care practitioner, or their primary care practitioners are not available. 

At this time, urgent care visits are only covered by patients who have out-of-network benefits with their insurance company. Your insurance must be verified before seeing the Doctor Nurse Practitioner. 

Conditions that our urgent care visits manage include but are not limited to:

· Headache and migraine 
· Conjunctivitis 
· Sty 
· Sinus infections 
· Colds and flus 
· Allergic rhinitis 
· Earaches and infections 
· Sore throats infections and Bronchitis 
· Lungs 
· Non-cardiac chest pain issues including: Panic attack, Costochondritis, Muscle strain, Acid reflux 
· Abdominal issues including: Gerd, Diverticulitis, Ulcers, UTI, Yeast, Constipation, Diarrhea, Pain 
· Muscular skeletal issues including: Joint sprain and strain, Fracture, Acute low back pain/strain 
· Skin issues including: Rash, Contact dermatitis, Poison ivy, Shingles 

In addition to the many holistic services at Davis Integrated Medicine, our urgent care visits primarily treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require an ER visit.

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