This is lucius Brown I remember when I first met the gentleman doctor Davis he’s very knowledgeable and not only does he help heal you. teaches you and how to take care of yourself with his methods I’m very pleased and satisfied with the results. Of his medical method of healing thank you dr. Davis and staff I really appreciate you all.

Lucius B.

Went for a DOT physical. Doctors were very professional. Exam was done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend this establishment.

Christopher L.

Nice friendly staff and everyone was very professional.

Caroline D.

My consultation was very thorough .I felt comfortable asking questions .I am looking forward to working with you all to relieve pain in my right buttock and limping in my right leg .

Dorothy G.

In the two months that I have been in Therapy, I feel like a new person. Improved flexibility and less stiffness in my joints. I also attend nutrition classes. I am learning the importance of what we put in our bodies also determines how we feel. 5 Stars.

Shirley D.

I greatly appreciate the care & service provided by everyone on staff. I’ve experienced a great deal of healing – lower back pain is gone, ankle getting better, even stomach functions have improved. I look forward to being in tip top physical condition.

Linda S.


Christina R.

Davis Integrated Medicine is a very special place. Not only is it a place for healing and strong physical development, it is also a place where the care and concern of the staff members make it impossible for you not to have reoccurring visits. Happiness occurs at this wonderful place! Thank You!

Ingrid R D.

I came for my DOT Physical.. It was a Very comfortable environment .. Smooth soft music in the background & the staff is very professional .. This office has a lot to offer to better your well being Tell a friend, to tell a friend. I recommend Dr Davis

George L.

Staff was was polite and friendly

Charmaine H.

I enjoyed my consultation Dr David took the time to to explain the program and answered all my questions in a very professional manner.

Elaine S.

All went well,thanks for helping me get back on track.

Samuel R.

Profes I am assured of getting the best professional care at The Davis Wellness Center.

Gwendolyn B.

The Davis Integrated Medicine has an excellent chiropractic staff. Everyone in the office is very professional and helpful!

Sheila A.

Knowledgeable about my issue, took time to throughly discuss my concerns, staff is genuine and welcoming

Tawana S.

To the point no fluff

Fannie H.

I first went to an orthopedic and I was told that I needed surgery for my carpool tunnel. Coming here, I felt better and didn’t need surgery anymore. Coming here has improved my wellness, like my body alinement was one of my problems and I found out because I got sized for orthotics and found out that was one of the reason I was getting pain. Also now I am doing so much better that I can open a bottle of water without my hand hurting. Coming to Davis Intergrated Medicine, has really taken care of me. Every way possible. I’m very happy I came here.

Teresa H.

The care was personal, professional, holistic, and top quality.

Ronald G.

Very professional and extremely competent service on all levels. I would recommend that if you’re looking for A+ professional care in a comfortable and pleasant environment, make an appointment now

Verleta N.

I am very pleased with the service i receive & would tell anyone that might need service

Dorothy G.

When I first came to the office, I had very bad pain in my back. What I loved about the office is that everyone one is so warm, friendly, and genuinely concerned about my health. The staff at Davis Integrated Medicine have helped to boost my moral and encouraged me through tough times. My back pain is much better! It is a pleasure to come here, and I recommend my friends and family regularly.

Joan F.

I started at Davis Integrated Medicine only 3 months ago, and when I first came I had severe neck and back pain. At the office, they have a wide variety of care, and everyone is willing to help. I have learned a healthier way of living, and being treated at Davis Integrated Medicine has made me feel relaxed and confident that I am getting the right treatment. My results so far have been amazing!

Alexus H.

Tiffany was awesome!! She made me feel very comfortable and gives the best massages

Chenoa A.

Good day Wellness Ctr. You are the best in professionalism and wellness care. Thank you for taking care of the young and the very mature…

Gwendolyn B.

Very responsive good service

Demetra J.

I shook hands with Dr. Davis within 5 minutes of walking in the door, and it made me feel so welcome. Eager to return!

Hannah C.

I found the practice to be extremely professional. This is my first time engaging a doctor of chiropractic. I had heard many stories, good and bad from experiences. The professionalism, comfort and care that the team at Davis Integrated Medicine took was helpful in easing my concerns of what to expect. I look forward to continuing with Dr Davis and his team.

Thomas R.

I have been going to Dr. Davis for around 13 years and I attribute my strong immune system to the adjustments. The entire staff have always been so helpful and friendly and I love his new facility.

Ada R.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Sackey are good at what they do and had a smile on their faces from the first day. The findings were easy to understand and they guided me through care. I had severe neck and back pain and within 2 weeks, it subsided. I am glad that this type of alternative treatment will help other people who are in pain. This is the right place to be.

Kris M.

For my scalpular pain, I used to use medication to decrease the pain. The staff is wonderful, there are such knowledgeable physicians, and the massages are an added bonus! The services are very beneficial to me, so why not try them for yourself?

Gary C.

I have had neuropathy for a long time, and Dr. Davis and his staff has been helping me recover and heal. The staff is so friendly and I receive great care. I always feel very comfortable there.

Anita G.

Before I came to this office, I saw a Chiropractor years ago and have not been in a long time. The staff here is incredible, and some great benefits are constant access, continuity, and comfort. What they offer at this office makes sense.

Camille B.

I first came to the office in December of 2014. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders.The top benefit of coming to Davis IntegratedMedicine is that I am in less pain! In addition, I enjoy receiving education about wellness, and personal attention from the staff. I would recommend their services to anyone because I have truly seen results.

Minnie K.

I started coming to Davis Integrated Medicine about a month ago, and I was amazed at the technology! I love that the staff is patient and kind, and I am learning about good health, fitness, and eating right. I think that everyone should see a chiropractor at least once in their lives.

Norman L.

I started coming to this office in 1990. I had pain in my neck, shoulders, and vertebrae. Why I stayed with Dr. Davis and chiropractic is because it is a more positive way of life. It is about prevention; taking charge of your life and learning how to stay well. My favorite features are the massage therapy and friendly and well organized staff! At Davis Integrated Medicine, you really learn how to Live Life Well.

Hazel C.

I first came to the office three weeks ago with pain and stiffness in both my legs. The staff was willing to help and talk to me about what needed to be done. Their integrated services have made me feel more energetic, able to sleep better, and feel better in general. I would recommend Davis Integrated Medicine because it really works!

Mary W.

When I first started here, I had shoulder, lower back, and knee pain. I was taking Aleve for medication, and I have been feeling much better after my treatments here. What I love about Davis Integrated Medicine is the convenient office hours, the computerized imagery and the equipment used to detect and relieve pain, and the tens units. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone because of the pleasant atmosphere and hands on treatment.

Saundra G.

A car accident brought me to this office, and I had a lack of focus, energy, and sleep. I also had pain in my neck, back and shoulders. I immediately was given great care from the friendly staff in a relaxed environment. I received the care I needed to heal and tap back into the individual I was before the accident

Damara S.

I had been suffering from back pain and bad allergies for a long time. I was doing a lot of stretches to help with the pain, and taking allergy medications. Since I started here only a month and a half ago, I have had better sleep, and my allergies and back pain have been eliminated! I would recommend the services at Davis Integrated Medicine, because it has been working for me like a charm.

Christopher O.

When I first came to the office, I was suffering from neck and lower back pain. I was taking a lot of medication for the pain. The care and attention given to all the details of my treatment at Davis Integrated Medicine is beyond my expectations. There has been an increase in flexibility, less pain, and a general feeling of wellness. They have exceptional service!

Richard K.

Before I came into the office I was in a lot of pain and was taking pain medication. What I liked most about the office was the professional staff. I have been coming to Davis Integrated Medicine for years. I have tried other offices, but I always came back because I am the most satisfied here. I will never leave!

Ray H.